Friday October 17th, 2014

The exercise:

Write four lines of prose about: the miller.

In honour of Ryan Miller, signed in the off-season to be Vancouver's new number one goaltender, earning his first shutout with his new team, a 2-0 victory over Edmonton. That makes three wins in a row to start the season - admittedly against weak teams, but still nice.

Max's haircut went well this morning, once the initial settling in process was completed. It probably took about five minutes to get him in the chair with me, but after that he held very still and didn't complain at all.

Once I got him to start telling the hairstylist about what he had for Thanksgiving dinner he was actually quite happy to be there.


A fine coating of flour covers every surface in his small home. Every touch leaves behind a grainy fingerprint, each gust of wind unleashes another cloud of wheat or rye or corn particles.

He coughs a lot, but doesn't really notice it anymore.

The authorities regularly threaten to permanently shutter his mill, but he doesn't really notice that anymore either.


Greg said...

Well done on getting Max's haircut done without trauma! I hope the hairstylist enjoyed listening to what he ate :)
And it sounds like you might have happy Hockey news to report this season then! That'll be good too :-D
Heh, your miller is clearly a single minded chap; I bet he produces excellent flour!

The miller
"Right champ, your next opponent is called The Miller," said the boxing coach. He chewed hard on his unlit cigar (all the local anti-smoking regulations got on his nerves) and pointed over at the far corner. "Go out there and kill her."
The boxer looked over at the other side of the ring where an eight-armed woman was frantically milling, looking determined to rip his head off, and swallowed hard.

Marc said...

Greg - yeah, she has a little girl just a bit older than Max, so she enjoyed herself as well :)

It's been a bit up and down since those first three games, but there are still signs of hope for better results this year.

Ah, dear. I do not have much hope for your over-matched boxer...