Friday March 27th, 2015

The exercise:

Write four lines of prose which take place inside: the train station.

Today, at any rate, the cold hit Kat pretty hard. I'm still fighting it off and feeling fairly functional, but I was ready for bed before dinner was on the table. Obviously I've hit my second wind since then, as usual, but had I been given the opportunity to nod off my body would have gladly taken it.

Ugh, so little focus. I'm just going to get this writing done and go to bed.


"We better hurry up and get back on the train - that funny fellow with the hat definitely just yelled 'All aboard!' before he jumped up there."

"Ah, what's the rush? It was clearly a question and the answer is obviously no... I mean, look at all these people still on the platform with us!"

"I think maybe everybody else is catching a different train than... oh crap, it's pulling away!"


Greg said...

Heh, your story today reminds me of the aeroplane last night: the gates were adjacent for the London flights (TAP and Ryanair) and so we were about the join the queue for the closest one when we realised that ours was the adjacent one and was boarding! I don't think we'd have missed the flight, but was very nearly embarrassing.

The train station
"Um, Joe, that was our station."
"Don't be silly, the train didn't stop."
"Er, yes, that's the problem, rather."
"Well let me see... huh... looks like it doesn't stop there either, it just goes on for another two hundred miles!"

Anonymous said...

I definitely got a cold now. It sucks.

The Train Station:

The whistle was screeching in my ears as I ran after the train, praying I could make it to the railing before it left the platform. Wheels continued to churn, steadily spinning faster and faster to gain speed, leaving me behind in the steam cloud. She had, indeed, left me.
What’s more, when I turned to slump to our bench, I noticed she’d left my love letters, still tied together in her mint green ribbon, and her engagement ring near one of the metal legs.

Marc said...

Greg - oof, that would have been bad if you hadn't realized until it was too late! Glad it worked out :)

And yours reminds me of travelling on the train in Europe in a country whose language I did not speak. I was always worried about horribly missing my stop on the more express routes.

Ivybennet - boooo. Hope you're feeling better by the time you read this.

Ouch, that is quite the departure. There's a definite sense of hopelessness about this one - nice work.