Tuesday March 3rd, 2015

The exercise:

Write two haiku about: the maid.

That... was a long day of cleaning and packing. I'd list everything I did but just thinking about it makes me tired, and I am plenty tired enough already.

Tomorrow we prepare for our road trip.

Thursday we depart.

Tonight I sleep.


I change your sheets, I
wash your clothes, and I know all
your dirty secrets.

*     *     *

She's a very good
worker, but she knows too much.
James... release the hounds.


Greg said...

You should have written the post first, listing everything you were going to do, and then you could have checked them off as you did them :) Still, congratulations on getting everything spick and span again, and I hope that packing for the roadtrip is less hassle and more fun!
I like the link between your two haiku today, and I think I like the second slightly better if only because I didn't know Henri had anyone called James working for him ;-)

The maid
It's sexist to think
That all maids must be female;
This one is called Marc!

Old maid at eighteen,
She crochets lace for unborn
children while she cries.

Anonymous said...

And there she stands tall,
A feather duster in hand.
A sight to behold.

But look, what is that?
A knife concealed in her skirts.
Her eyes gleam darkly.

Marc said...

Greg - that would have worked... if I'd had any idea ahead of time of all the little things I'd forgotten or hadn't thought of.

That does sound like an Henri kind of haiku, doesn't it? Hmm...

Your second one is painfully sad. No comment on the first :P

Ivybennet - I like the almost regal image you placed in my head with your first haiku and that delightful touch of mystery in your second.