Thursday March 26th, 2015

The exercise:

Write about: damage.

Natalie and her mom are flying back north tomorrow morning, so we had to say farewell to them this evening. It sounds like they're going to be back in July, on a permanent basis regardless of what happens with selling their house up there, so at least we've got that to look forward to.

Pretty sure that'll be little comfort to Max for the next couple of days, but we'll see how that goes.

Also: it would appear that Kat and I have come down with her brother's cold. It hasn't hit us as hard as it hit him so far, and I'm hoping that trend continues. Fingers crossed, at any rate.


The surface is unblemished
As I walk down the street;
A smile, a nod, a wave,
This lie is so, so complete.

Inside is where I carry
The hurt, the scars, the pain;
It's where I store the tears
That threaten to pour like rain.

I try to keep it together,
To keep the damage hidden...
But sooner or later, I know,
It will appear, unbidden.


Greg said...

Sorry this is a little late, I was in Porto as of Wednesday and yesterday was not only a day of fire-fighting, but it was the flying back as well. So I didn't really get near this page at any point!
I'm also sorry to hear about the cold, I hope this one doesn't last too long!
That's a slightly bittersweet poem I think, with the contrast between what the narrator shows and feels. I wonder how many people are feeling exactly like that when you see them on the street on an ordinary day? You've caught it very neatly, and quite tersely as well, which is nice work.

"About the car, sir," said the hire agent hurrying after the suited gentleman who was striding away from the rental desk.
"It was like that when I got it," he said, not even bothering to turn his head.
"It certainly wasn't!" she said, and grabbed his elbow. He jerked it free, but he stopped and turned to face her.
"Don't touch!" he snapped, his face twisting into a cruel expression.
"The car has large claw marks down the side," she said, trying to ignore him and the little voice inside of her that said she should just go away and fill out the insurance claim.
"It was like that when I–"
"It was not! We photographed you standing in front of the car, remember?"
He started to raise his hand, and she willed herself not to flinch. Then he seemed to get control of himself.
"Ah, that might... maybe... that could have been the dragon," he said. "Maybe."
"Dragon?" Now she thought he was seeing if she was stupid.
"Yes, experimental biodesign. Actually, it would be better if you didn't tell anyone about that. Um, that would have been.. uh.. my new... puppy?"
"Puppy. Right. And the corrosion to the rear end."
"Basilisk venom actually, but, um... let's say... my cat had... a... hairball... and threw up on it?"
"Basi... ok. All the windows are etched deeply with some..." her voice trailed off as she saw the sheepish look on his face.
"Medusa, we're having trouble with the poisonous snakes. Uh, so let's say... um... pigeon guano?"
"I'll fill out the insurance claims," she said. "But sir, you're not hiring a car from us again."

Marc said...

Greg - no worries, I always figure it's work related when you go missing for a day or two. Glad to hear it was nothing more serious than that this time!

That car sounds like it has been on quite the adventure. I am most curious about its driver now!