Saturday March 21st, 2015

The exercise:

Write a four line poem about: the petting zoo.

This afternoon Kat, Kat's brother, and myself took Max and Natalie to check out a petting zoo that's just recently opened a little north of Oliver. The animals were pretty cool - chickens, goats, ponies, horses, ducks, bunnies, alpacas, a bull, even a lizard - but they didn't hold the kids' attention for long.

No, that honor went to the rain puddles and the play area. Especially the toddler-sized houses. They both had toy sinks in them, but the one that had the toy microwave was the clear favorite. It wasn't long before they were serving up microwaved fake flowers for the parents.

Good times.

Oh, hey. I promised you guys a picture. The picture of Max, perhaps. Here you go:

God dammit, he's adorable.

Sorry. Right. Back on target. Time to get writing.


This is not what I expected,
These are not the correct creatures.
I did not pay just to observe
High school kids behind the bleachers...


Greg said...

That sounds like a nice day out, moreso that the kids got to play at being adults for a little while. Do you think it would be more realistic if you delivered utility bills to them after they served you your meals? ;-) That picture of Max is indeed adorable :)

I really, really like that you've taken the other meaning of petting for your zoo! I like to think I would have if you hadn't, but I'm not sure; I think Grabby Gorilla would have insisted I write about him anyway. And definitely good karma your way for spotting the creatures/bleachers rhyme!

And well done for getting caught up on all the comments again. Even if I do have to take an extra twenty minutes to re-read all the posts as well as your comments on them :)

The petting zoo
"Don't feed the animals," says the sign on the wall,
"Hands and feet tend to make them unsteady,"
But the Gorilla is grabby and the Python's a sneak,
We're down to two children already!

Marc said...

Greg - I guess I should point out that it was a petting farm, not a petting zoo (I honestly forgot until the next morning). Should have made that more clear to Max as well, since his first reaction to being told where we were going was to get excited about seeing elephants...

Thanks. And yeah, it's all the re-reading that takes so much time to get caught up. Which would be why it would be so much better to not fall so far behind...

Hah, that's a delightfully fun poem to read. I think, for its contents, I enjoyed it a little too much :P