Saturday March 28th, 2015


Write a four line poem about: the tyrant.

Max woke up at 5 this morning. That about sums up the first half of my day.

After lunch I managed to get our taxes finished and sent off, which felt... better than waking up at 5. With that out of the way I took Max into town to get some groceries and visit the park. He's getting to be quite the little climbing monkey.


His unchallenged power
Keeps us away in fear;
All the while, secretly,
He really wants us near...


Greg said...

Five sounds pretty early given that you're often posting close to midnight; you have my sympathy (though I should point out that the only definition of sympathy I have comes from that dictionary I occasionally quote from, so it may be that we mean different things by that word. I just don't know :( ). Well done on getting the taxes sorted though!
Heh, I like the way your poem changes as it passes through the half-way line. I thought at first it might be about a cat, and... well, I'm still not sure!

The tyrant
"One man, one vote,"
Well he's the man, and he's got the vote.
And since we live on an island,
There's a queue for the only boat.

ivybennet said...

Ew gross. Even 7 is too early for me on most days. I do not envy you that early start.

The Tyrant:

He crashes any hope or dream,
Especially those that contradict his own,
For the sake of ownership and power
Over all those he deems inferior.

Marc said...

Greg - heh, pretty sure I'd rather not know your dictionary's definition of sympathy right now :P

That's quite the story you managed to convey in just four poetic lines. I'd like to learn more about them all - the man, the island, and the people heading for the boat.

Ivybennet - man, 7 is a reasonable start to the morning these days. It wasn't long ago I would sleep in till noon if I was allowed...

Yup, that's a pretty solid description of a tyrant right there. Nicely captured.