Tuesday March 10th, 2015

The exercise:

Write two haiku about: the bakery.

Max decided that 6am was get out of bed time this morning. I disagreed, but my vote doesn't really count in that poll, so up we got.

Thankfully my parents were around to entertain him so I dumped him handed him into their care and went back to bed shortly after 9. I eventually dragged myself out of bed again a little before noon. That was... much needed, and much appreciated.

This afternoon we went exploring and found ourselves in a kid's store, unsurprisingly. We bought Max a toy box that can be collapsed for travel which... is pretty much the only way we were going to get him a toy box on this trip. Looking forward to getting that home and using it to tidy up the living room. For as long as he's sleeping or out of the house.

Before dinner we took Max to a playground that's just a short walk from here. His Pop had quite a good time pushing him on the swing and, judging by his maniacal (and a little overtired) laughter, Max enjoyed it as well.


That constant smell of
fresh baked goods would just destroy
my hard-won waistline

*     *     *

Buns, breads, and pastries -
their secret ingredient?
Sweet, sweet, pure cocaine.


Greg said...

Six o'clock sounds like a perfectly reasonable time to get up to me! Although I can see the merit in your idea of passing Max off to other people who are happy to be up at that time and then going back to bed yourself. The toy box sounds like a good idea... does it come with toys in it? Though it sounds like Max might have more than enough of those already :)
I like your first haiku better today (which I bet surprises you!) because I know your Diabetes would actually stop you eating all those baked good s ;-) The second one still sounds good to me, though fresh cream would be just as effective as cocaine in my case.

The bakery
Rows of glazed slices
Showcased in the bakery...
It's all fakery.

Proust had madeleines
But a Chelsea bun always
Brings back my childhood.

ivybennet said...

"Dumped him," eh?

The Bakery:

Scents waft through the door,
Calling my growling stomach.
This is temptation.
To wake up at 4
Is hard to do every day.
But someone must bake.

Marc said...

Greg - no, it was empty... but not for long. We brought a bag of them with us and they got transferred pretty quick once we got back to Nana and Pop's house.

Heh, the bakery/fakery rhyme pleases me.

Ivybennet - I don't recall saying that :P

Besides, his grandparents are far too enthusiastic about spending time with him to even remotely consider it 'dumping', as you said ;)

Your final line in your first haiku make it my favorite - it's just a nice summation of things.

Raven said...

First year college student and the "freshman fifteen" has been proven not to be a myth.

I just gained five pounds.

All I did was walk inside.

Donuts are eying me.