Tuesday March 24th, 2015

The exercise:

Write two haiku about: the crunch.

Spent most of the day with Max, as Kat was doing work in the morning and then took Natalie to go pick up Natalie's mom from the Penticton airport this afternoon.

We had quite a bit of fun, between playing outside in the dirt with shovels and rakes and branches and ladders and toy tractors, and playing with his toys up at Kat's parents house. But I am ready for sleep now.

Which means I managed to outlast Max, who fell asleep around 6.


Did I hear a crunch?
I thought you were serving us
cheese plates for... dess... ert.

*     *     *

The deadline's looming
but my paper remains blank;
not time to start yet.


Greg said...

It must be a good day if you managed to wear everybody out so successfully! I hope you manage to do it again tomorrow!
I think I like your first haiku better, for the unexpectedness of the last line. Though the second has a certain familiarity to it too :)

The crunch
Lambs gambol outside
The hungry dragon's dark cave.
One disappears... crunch.

Long road and two cars,
Impatient driver speeds up,
One crunch and two deaths.

morganna said...

Squeak, crunch, squeak, crunch, squeak
What is that noise? Oh, the dog
Just has her ... oh, no!

ivybennet said...

His mighty jaw moved
To the fast beat of the drums.
Feasting on his prey.

We could hear the sound
Of her bones between his teeth.
We waited our turn.

Marc said...

Greg - it seems like the key is to spend as much of the day outside as possible. Certainly does the trick for Max.

Hah! I am a big, big fan of your first. Between 'gambol' in the first line and the 'crunch' in your last, how can that not be my favorite?

Morganna - ah, the joys of having a dog around the house...

Ivybennet - wow, that is a point of view you don't see things written from very often. I like it a lot, especially that final line in your second.