Saturday March 14th, 2015

The exercise:

Write a four line poem about something that is: unknown.

Max woke up at 5 this morning and would not go back to sleep. Argh.

I needed to go back to bed after Kat woke up, which meant we were late meeting up with my friend and her daughter. We still had a good time together, though it was certainly shorter than I'd hoped. There was talk of meeting up either this afternoon or tomorrow morning, but Max having a nap that lasted an hour and a half eliminated one of those options.

He would have slept for even longer but I needed to wake him up in order to get to our dinner reservation on time.

My parents took us to The Breakwater, one of my favorite area restaurants. It was very tasty, though we did have a long wait between the appetizers and the main course, thanks to our order falling out of sight somewhere in the kitchen.

Thankfully Max was in fine post-nap form, and was quite happy to spend the entire wait exploring the restaurant. Our waitress was also really great with him, taking extra care with his dietary needs. Though I'm not sure all those ice cubes he ate really qualify as a need...


My crystal ball is cloudy,
What comes next is lost to me.
The future is uncertain -
I guess that what will be, will be...


Greg said...

It sounds like Max managed to get his sleeping all co-ordinated exactly against your plans for the day! I guess that's always a danger with small children though. The restaurant sounds good though, since they were willing to entertain Max and let him explore – that's really nice of them! Now if only restaurants were as accommodating of dogs... :)
I really like the jaunty humour in your poem today, especially with the honesty about the crystal ball. I think rather more prognosticators have that problem than would care to admit it!

The unknown
I hired myself a haruspex
To broach the future's doors,
But she broke in round the future's back
And met its guard dogs's maws.

Nikhil Nair said...

Thoughts Unknown:
We know several people well
At least, what they seem to be...
But hidden in the chasms of their minds
Lie thoughts which we'll never see.

ivybennet said...

Marc, I love the surrender that your poem describes.


Though I have a clear imagine of
What my life should look like, I still
Walk around blind, feeling my surroundings
For I simply just don’t know where my life will take me.

Marc said...

Greg - yeah, it wasn't too crowded so there was space to walk around and even have a couple of dance breaks. Plus there was a little waterfall display in the lobby that he enjoyed checking out.

Hmm, that does not sound like money well spent!

Nikhil - spot on. So very true.

I've been really enjoying your contributions here, by the way. Overall some very nice work. Thanks for sharing them with us!

Ivybennet - thank you!

That is a period in most everybody's life that you've captured very elegantly.