Friday November 13th, 2015

The exercise:

Write four lines of prose about someone who is: superstitious.

We haven't had a Friday the 13th since March. I'd kind of forgotten about the whole thing, to be honest. But here we are again.


I feel as though I may be coming down with a cold. My body is fighting it off as best it can though. Seeing as I'm in the midst of a job search I'd really rather not deal with that nonsense right now.


You say that you want to know my story. That you wish to record it and share it with the world. All these cameras and microphones and cables and whatnot are here for that and that alone.

Well I say that I know that you were sent here by my father and that I will not give him the slightest shred of evidence of my supposed insanity.


Greg said...

If I remember right the days and dates in March and November always line up because there's an exactly multiple of 7 days between the two months. So a March Friday 13th will always give you a November one, so you've got plenty of time to prepare, superstitious or not :)
Good luck with the cold!
Heh, I love the way the two halves of your story contrast. And I'm with the speaker; no incriminating yourself!

I walked under the ladder to avoid the black cat crossing my path, and was so intent on that that I completely failed to the see the man carrying the mirror and knocked it out of his hands, smashing it on the path. It was clear at that point that I'd acquired, near instantly, 21 years back luck, so I did the only rational thing. I cloned myself with my Pocket-InstaClone and shot my clone in the head at point-blank range.
Now, your honour, I've no idea who this twin brother you keep talking about is, or why you think I murdered him; at most I indulged in a little prophylactic suicide!

Marc said...

Greg - huh, I did not know that. Thanks!

I like the way you found a way to pile so much bad luck onto your character so quickly at the start. His solution sounds so clever too!

Well, as it turns out, perhaps just a little too clever...