Sunday November 15th, 2015

The exercise:

Write about: the compilation.

More rain. More grey. More bleh.

Max spent the morning playing with Natalie at Kat's parents house, so Kat and I dragged ourselves out of the house to have a coffee and tea date at our local coffee shop of choice. It was good to get some fresh air and change the scenery for a little while.

They're calling for a bit of sunshine tomorrow. Good, I could use some of that.

Also: snow.

Wait, what?


"What is this?"

"It's a CD."

"No duh, Marty. I meant what's on it?"

"Then you should have said so in the first place."

"Oh for -"

"Songs. It's a compilation of all of my band's number one songs. And you can call me Martin now."

"I didn't know you guys had any number ones, Marty."

"Yeah, well... on our local radio station we had quite a few."

"I'm not sure that really counts."

"And the first track of this CD was the most requested song for a whole week!"

"Marty. Was that because everyone in the band called in twice a day to ask DJ Dale to play it?"

"Still counts. And it's Martin, remember?"

"Right. Well, thanks for the CD Marty. I needed a new coaster after my dog ate my Guinness one."


Greg said...

The coffee and tea date sounds like an excellent idea, and a coffee shop is a lovely, warm, nice-smelling place to sit and appreciate not being out in the weather (well, unless you're Wendy from the prompt a few days ago, that is.... Incidentally, if you return to Wendy you could call it a double continuation prompt as we continue a continuation prompt that's a little older :) ).
Sunshine and snow sound like a good combination too!
Hah, I like Martin. He's got ambition and he's not letting any lack of talent hold him back either. And he's got some good ideas about how to get his music out there and listenend to, too. I'm very glad to have met him today :)

"Norm! Norm!" Henry's voice echoed round the lumber yard, and piles of wood shifted slightly at the sonic assault. Nothing avalanched – yet, thought Norm – but the creaks as the woods settled again could be a little bit nervewracking.
"What, Henry?" he called back, standing at the door to the ramshackle hut where he could sit and wait for customers. The yard had three people in it at the moment, though he could only see two. He assumed that the third was with Henry, probably going deaf in one ear.
"Put some music on!" came the shout back. "It's too quiet in here, I can hear myself think."
Norm's eyebrows raised a little at that; Henry thinking usually involved ideas that took hours to talk him out of or hours to talk the police round to. "OK Henry," he yelled back. The hut creaked this time, but settled down when Norm eyes it severely.
Inside the hut there was the smell of old coffee, a table with the cashbox and the laptop on, a stool with the stereo-system balanced atop it, and wires running here there and everywhere. They were supposed to be nailed against the walls so that they weren't a health and safety hazard but Henry hadn't got round to doing it yet and Norm didn't want to have keep climbing up and down the step-ladder to be able to nail them at the right height. Some of the wires were new, running the stereo-system output to the PA system now arrayed around the yard.
Norm checked the volume first, as a precaution, and discovered that Henry had set it to Max. He turned it back down to 2, which they'd found was plenty loud enough when they'd tested it, and then checked the CD slot. There was a CD in there, but he didn't recognise the red-and-black label, and when he ejected it he frowned. He had no idea who Marco Kwan was, or what body-poetry was about, but it didn't sound like the right kind of thing for a lumber yard. He fished around, wondering how the hell they'd ended up with every Madonna album ever produced and then gave up and plugged Henry's iPod in. There were several playlists, so he selected the first and set it to play. Then he went outside to help the customers.
"Norm! Good God Norm, what the hell is this?"
Norm had been wondering that too, it sounded like a tired dog panting.
"The first of your playlists, Henry!" he yelled back. There was a pause, and then:
"That'd be the 101 longest orgasms from porn videos, Norm. Can you pick something else please?"

Marc said...

Greg - double continuation prompt? I'm down with that.

Ah, Norm and Henry. These two are great together. I don't even want to know why Henry has that on a playlist. Not the least bit curious.