Saturday November 14th, 2015

The exercise:

Write a four line poem about: the refugee.

Yeah, definitely fighting off a cold. And Kat seems to have come down with something as well. Max, strangely enough, is totally fine.

Kids, you guys.

It was a rainy, chilly day here. Not helping the inside feelings when outside looks so grey and unwelcoming. Took Max out after lunch anyway, because no good was going to come from all of us being trapped in the house.

We did some shopping, played outside by the beach for a little bit (I'll be honest: we left because I was getting cold), and then swung by Kat's parents house until it was getting toward dinner time.

This cough can kiss my ass, by the way.

I should probably just get this written and then get to bed. So...


It's so crowded here,
I have lost so much to theft...
I must not forget:
It's better than what I left.


Greg said...

It's quite wintery here too, but I rather like that; the leaves are coming off the trees in droves and drifts, the rain falls like it's never been away and the wind blows as though trying to push everyone south with the birds so it can have the place to itself. What's not to like?
Colds only last a week, so this time next week it'll all be a memory. And Max seems to be immune this time, so that's got to be good, right?
I see your mood permeates your poem, but there is a note of optimism at the end, so I see it's not all bad. I feel a little sorry for your narrator – but not too much :-P

The refugee
I was swimming out in the coldest sea
When I met a shivering, drowning refugee;
But I turned away, and kept back my hand,
Because merfolk cannot live on land.

Marc said...

Greg - I could have been able to tell you like the weather from your description of it alone :)

That was quite the unexpected turn your poem took. I like it!