Tuesday November 17th, 2015

The exercise:

Write two haiku about: dementia.

So I know I said I wouldn't complain about the cough... but today this annoying frickin' bullcrap caused me to stay at home while Kat went to Penticton (with her Mom instead of me) for her ultrasound. Which means I missed out on getting a little preview of baby number two.

I am annoyed by this, in case I wasn't being clear.

At least Kat brought home some pictures. Not the same thing - at all - but it's better than nothing.


He seems okay now...
but we can't help wondering:
How long will it last?

*     *     *

These suspicious eyes
watch me always. Why do these
strangers distrust me?


Greg said...

I have no idea how you got from a cough to dementia, but I hope it's not an actual pathway you're planning on following! Still, I can see how you'd be annoyed by missing out on the ultrasound, but it seems like everything's ok with the pregnancy, and that's surely what you most wanted to know!
I think I prefer your second haiku better today, but it's a close run thing between them. The wariness in the first is quite impressive for a haiku :)

This madness shouldn't
come in the Spring of your life,
my unlucky child.

"Losing your marbles!"
I wish I could remember
what marbles are though.

Greg said...

So, stories I'd like to see you continue:
Last Thursday's post from the Continuation prompt about Wendy. I agree with you, there's too many open questions still!
This post about the theft of a 500lb silver statue and the tough times for the narrator,
Wilson and the volatile situation would be nice to see more of, to see how the situation progresses. Or even provide some back-story for this one, to explain how it got to this point!
Sarah and the guys in jail: I know you didn't have any idea of what was being forced or who she was, but you've had time to think now :-P
The rallying cry seems incomplete as it stands, though again, given the last line I'd be just as happy with a back-story if that's more inspiring!
The polling station because I'm kind of intrigued as what might come out of such a dysfunctional situation!
Disarray because, again, I'm intrigued to see what happens when someone stands up and speaks the truth in a such a fashion.

Ok, that's between 5 and 10, so take a look and see if you feel inspired enough to continue any of them I guess :)

Marc said...

Greg - I think I was listening to a song that mentioned demons and word association took over.

Oof, your first one packed an unexpected punch. The humour of your second helped me recover though :)

And thank you very much for the suggestions. Much appreciated!