Tuesday November 3rd, 2015

The exercise:

Write two haiku about: dinner.

I'm thinking either Wednesday or Thursday for our penultimate visit to The Colony. Fair warning and all that.

I probably had other things I wanted to say here but it is late and I am tired. So...


Early November
dinners are battles between
health food and candy

*     *     *

I know he wants me
to pass the salt, but I shall
make him say the words


Greg said...

I shall start thinking about the Colony then! As I recall we are probably setting a trap for Commander Vassily now that we know where his true allegiances lie, and you've not killed anyone off yet so you're probably getting an itchy trigger finger... :-P
I think I like your second haiku better today for the pettiness and the latent hostility it contains, and a slight degree of puzzlement about how your November meals contain candy. Since it's getting colder though, I did make a rum cake yesterday, not realising that the recipe requires a total of about a third of a bottle of rum. That should keep me warm....

Her dogs eye me like
I'm going to be their dinner.
Does mother like me?

I see she's set out
New flatware – for one. Guess I
Get to be eaten.

[I think the acrostic fits with the overall sentiment]

morganna said...

Over time, he eats more
But dinner time is still like
Feeding a bird.
From my NaNo:
As Charlotte came back through the hall with the cookies on a tray, there was a knock on the door. She set the cookies down on the stairs to answer the door, but Grandmother came swiftly out of the sitting room and opened the door. Charlotte could not see who stood there, but Grandmother stiffened, then nodded twice, and shut the door.

Charlotte looked at her with a question in her eyes, but Grandmother didn't seem to see her. She went back into the sitting room as swiftly as she had come out, then returned to the hall with the little covered basket in her hands. She bent down and handed the basket to Charlotte. “Guard this basket and its contents, little one. Don't give it to anyone, no matter what they say or who they are. You may open the basket once, in just a moment, to see what is inside, but then you must keep it closed. You must stay here while I go into the swamp. I hope to be back before dark, but I may not be here by then, dark comes so quickly these winter days.”

Grandmother went up the stairs, her boot heels tapping. Charlotte peeked into the basket. There was the little man, sitting cross-legged on the bottom and looking up at her. Charlotte opened her mouth to speak, but he raised his finger to his lips. She smiled and closed the basket. Grandmother came back down the stairs, dressed to travel in the swamp. She smiled at Charlotte. “Take care, little one. Don't go outside. You may pot the bulbs we brought from the shed this morning earlier. I will be back soon.”

Marc said...

Greg - to be honest, I have no idea what I'm going to write for this month yet. Probably won't until I sit down and start typing.

*Early* November dinners. Because they follow directly after Halloween?

And, uh, feel free to ship me some of that cake. You know, if it proves to be too much for you.

Hah, yes, the acrostic works very nicely with these two :D

Morganna - ugh, yes. A bird that can be bribed with candy, at this point.

Thank you for sharing this! I am very, very intrigued. What a delightful little teaser you've provided us with :)