Friday November 20th, 2015

The exercise:

Write four lines of prose about: gold.

Other than a headache first thing this morning, today was the best I've felt in a while. Hopefully I'll be completely over this illness when I wake up tomorrow. That would be nice.

Not least because we're running low on firewood at the house again. So much for that stockpile.


"You find any gold in the river today?"

"Not even enough to fill in the gaps in my teeth. What about you?"

"Well, I did pull out a nice pair of high heels that might have been yellow once upon a time..."


Greg said...

Ah, but that headache is just the first indication that you're growing a second head so that you can catch twice as many colds from now on! Though if you've got to chop wood perhaps you'd be better off growing an extra pair of arms?
Heh, I really like the dialogue you have today, it works very nicely and I love the thought of grizzled panning veterans passing those lines back and forth.

"Traditionally," said Miss Snippet to her class, "first place in the school sports day gets a gold medal. However, since the headmaster is cheap and you've all failed Alchemy, we've only got lead. So we shall be making it radioactive enough to eventually decay into gold."
A hand raised: "Miss, it will be permissible to try not to win this medal, won't it?"

Marc said...

Greg - I would also prefer an extra pair of arms. Would be quite helpful with childcare.

Hah! Smart student. Straight to the head of the class with that one :)