Saturday November 21st, 2015

The exercise:

Write a four line poem about: the trick.

Kat, Max, and I took a trip up to Oliver this morning to check out their annual craft fair. We managed to find a few Christmas gifts, Max got a little toy panda from one of the vendors (we'd just bought a gift for Natalie from them), and then we got out of there before Max could get fully tired of being in a crowded place with lots of interesting things he wasn't allowed to touch.

Though he did have a blast smelling all of the sample soaps at one of the stalls. I imagine those bars were wiped down after we left, seeing as he was practically stuffing them  up his nose.

Anyway. It was a sunny (and cold) day and it was an enjoyable one for all of us. Sounds like a pretty good Saturday to me.


It seems so simple
But it works every time.
And if no one's hurt
Then it's not really a crime...


Greg said...

I always feel that winter craft stalls should be held either indoors or in a large tent so that the stallholders don't freeze to death! It sounds nice, it's a shame we don't have a picture of the panda though :)
Your poem seems to be about a confidence trick of some kind, but it makes me smile to see the weasel words at the end there!

The trick
He likes to tell us that he's going to see Tom;
He grins like a cheeky schoolboy when he does.
We know that's just an old word for a prostitute,
That he's a trick that thinks he's tricking us.

Marc said...

Greg - oh, I failed to mention that it was held indoors. It wasn't *that* sunny out :P Just made for a pleasant drive there and back, as well as a brief play time outside while Kat was finishing up the shopping.

Oh, the panda is back at our house now (it was left at Kat's parents house yesterday). I shall have to get a pic of him with it.

That's a great little story squeezed into a four line poem. Very nicely done!