Friday December 4th, 2015

The exercise:

Write four lines of prose about: no shame.

This evening we took Max to our town's annual Santa Claus Parade. It may be small and over with pretty quickly, but it's quite well attended and definitely worth the outing for the little ones, if all the excitement around us was any indicator.

Although, for some, it was perhaps a little too short.

"Did you like the parade Max?"

"Yeah, it was so much fun!"

"That's great!"

"... I want another parade," he said in full on Pout Mode.

I've promised to find him a bigger Santa parade to watch on the computer tomorrow. Maybe this one will do the trick.


"Please, Madam... can you spare some change?"

"Tell me, young man, how much is that suit you're wearing worth?"

"Oh, it cost me about twenty-five hundred... that's kind of why I'm out here!"

The elderly woman walked away, leaning heavily on her cane, muttering something that sounded terribly close to Kids these days.


Greg said...

I think I'd hate a Santa Claus parade, but I'm not fond of crowds, nor masses of small children, nor Santa Claus really (except the Futurama version, who's hilarious). But it sounds like Max is firmly in the other camp there, so I hope he enjoys the longer version on the computer and doesn't spot that the Santa's look different :)
Haha, I like you beggar. That makes a lot of sense as an attitude, for all that the ungenerous woman doesn't see it! He's almost as much fun as Henri.

No shame
"Um, ma'am, do we have to try and draw that?" Angelica indicated the life-model who, needing the toilet badly, had resorted to peeing in the pottery that the previous class had been making. A golden arc connected his muscular, artistic pose with a collection of pots that were so flat they were nearly pans.
"No shame," muttered the art teacher, feeling a hot flush of jealousy that she wasn't allowed to grade the work in a similar fashion.

Aholiab said...

It's been a while since I contributed, but I do come by frequently and compose my story in my head. Now I think I see why NaNoWriMo didn't get finished. Thanks for the continuous supply of wonderful prompts, Marc!

No Shame

Sheila compared her reflection to the photograph pinned next to the mirror as she finished applying her mascara. Her own hair was more of a mousy color, her eyebrows were darker and bushier, her teeth were a little crooked and not nearly as white, and there was a pimple starting to appear on her chin. Well, it's no shame if you don't look like a supermodel.

She looked back at her face in time to see the tear sliding down her cheek and murmured, "Oh, yes it is."

Marc said...

Greg - he did enjoy the longer version when he eventually watched it, but he asked to see Santa every minute or so from start to finish which was... less than fun for everybody.

Ah, Henri. He should come for another visit soon, huh?

Hahah, excellent take on the prompt :)

Aholiab - great to hear from you again! I hope you've been well.

Oof, this one packed a punch. Very, very nicely done. I've missed reading your writing here :)