Saturday December 12th, 2015

The exercise:

Write a four line poem about: not what I wanted.

So, remember how I ordered Max's toddler bed frame? I went to pick it up, along with two other packages (bedding and a bedside lamp) on Friday. Brought them home, didn't open the other two packages until after Max went to bed last night. Left the big box for today.

You know, didn't want to get into bed building while he was sleeping.

Turns out? Didn't have to worry about construction noise waking him up.

My swearing, on the other hand...

You see, the box did not have a bed frame in it. It had a bike. This bike, to be specific. Lovely, truly, but not at all what I ordered. Not even close. Well, I guess bike and bed both start with b. Otherwise...

I called Walmart once the shock wore off. The correct package is (hopefully) on its way now. I'll be returning this one. We went ahead and set up Max's room anyway, the mattress is just going to be on the floor for a few days.

He's super excited about the whole thing. Has no idea there's anything to be upset about.

Or how much his enthusiasm helped his dad calm down.


I spent so many years chasing
After the girl of my dreams.
But now life has reminded me
That nothing's as it seems...


Greg said...

I can see how that might have been a surprise for you :) Despite all my usual ingenuity I can't think of a way that Max could sleep on it either, so I think returning it for the real thing is definitely the way to go. It is odd how when things go wrong from places like Amazon and Walmart they go spectacularly wrong: not a similar bedstead, or perhaps the wrong size, but something utterly unrelated. I wonder if the computers are getting their own back....
Hah, I really like your poem today and its sentiment. Very, very nice :)

Not what I wanted
She laughed derisively, and when I was undaunted,
She explained, all cold and cruelly, that I wasn't what she wanted.
I accepted this in peace, and then with great disdain,
I took my jackpot lottery and went to live in Spain.

Marc said...

Greg - hah, I'm glad you're in agreement with the plan to return it :P

Yes, the computers being responsible really makes the most sense. And thank you for the kind words on mine!

Ah, I quite like yours as well. So much story told in just four, rhyming lines. Nicely done!