Tuesday December 1st, 2015

The exercise:

Write two haiku about something(s): mythical.

Max went to bed late last night (almost literally kicking and screaming) and then woke up early this morning. I think he might be almost as sleep deprived as I am. At least he seems to have gotten over his most recent cold in record time.

In other news: warmer weather, I'm ready for you to arrive. Like, now. Please.

Right. Now.


Legends of his life
grow with each passing year for
he was the victor

*     *     *

What the hell is that?
Well, one day a unicorn
met a suave dragon...


Greg said...

Max seems to prefer being awake during the cold then – maybe you can get him to do the chores around the house while you hibernate until the fire has brought the house to your desired temperature range? At the very least you could just tie dusters all around him and let him clean things as he runs around :)
I think I prefer your second haiku today, though I'm curious as to whether you prefer unigon or dracorn for the offspring of such a union?

Summer's monsters hide....
Jack-in-the-green steals children,
No-one returns them.

The wendigo bring
Winter's cold to human lands
And freeze our spirits.

[The last one is probably why you've got overnight temperatures of -10: you've got a Wendigo living in the back garden!]

Marc said...

Greg - I think the dusters idea stands a better chance of working...

Hmm. I'd say Unigon would be my choice.

Ooh, I like both of yours. And I think that our Wendigo has been taken care of, as temperatures are much more reasonable these days!