Tuesday December 22nd, 2015

The exercise:

Write two haiku about: bedtime routines.

While it clearly would have been a terrible idea to do the whole trip in one day, the second day of travel is always the worst with Max. He's just spent most of a day in a car, he's only had one night in his current location, and it really doesn't matter how excited he may have been at some point in the past about getting to our final destination.

He did not want to get back in the car this morning. Thankfully we had a break in the middle, as we took the ferry across to Vancouver Island. But even that first stretch, which only took about thirty-five minutes, was a hard sell.

The hour-long drive from the ferry terminal to my parent's house was never going to be easy.

Oh well, we're here now, at last. And we've got five nights before we have to make the return voyage. So I, personally, plan on enjoying them by being in the car as little as possible during that time.


This Sing the song is
again. And toddler again.
And again bedtime.

*     *     *

Brush my food and eat
my comb...? It would seem that my
insomnia's back.


Greg said...

How long before you resort to telling Max that he can stay in Vancouver if he likes, but Santa's only visiting the island this year? ;-)
It sounds like you had a fairly tough trip; I do hope that the trip back goes a little better.
I like your first haiku better this week, for the interleaving of different thoughts in a very neat manner than conveys your exhaustion.

Bedtime routines
My checklist's half done:
Only eighteen things to go
And then it's bedtime!

Every night I make
The bed from scratch: hammer, nails,
wood... I never sleep.

Marc said...

Greg - I suspect I might have said something about him being welcome to stay behind, but we were going to the island. I... may have been especially exasperated at the time.

Thanks! I liked my first one as well. I had a bit of trouble deciding how to do it but was happy with the final result.

Ooh, tough choice between these two. Tempted to say I like the second best. Very close though. Hmm... yeah, the image your second one puts in my head wins the day this week :)