Tuesday December 29th, 2015

The exercise:

Write two haiku about: maps.

At long last, Max's bed has been constructed and is currently in use. It was not without its final challenges this afternoon, but I had Kat's dad helping for a few minutes and that was enough to get it done.

And now I am looking at the blank wall behind his headboard and really wanting a large map of the world up there. Maybe with animals, appropriately geographically placed and all that.

I feel another internet wormhole coming on...


We should be hot. Why
are we cold? Oh, I see. The
map is upside down.

*     *     *

Pressed flat against the
tree stump with night closing in;
which path takes him home?


Greg said...

I bet Max is thrilled that his bed is completed at last! Although the excitement probably wears off quickly for that :) Well, if you're going to have a map up there, shouldn't it be of Mejaran? Or maybe of Middle Earth so Max can have nightmares of the gates of Mordor opening and the orcs spilling out... perhaps that's a less good idea.
Since you ask, and I realised I got so busy with Malta that I forgot to mention it here, they offered and I accepted and I move to Malta at the end of next week to start work on the 11th. I've just been to get pet passports for the dogs today (they're not coming out initially but I want to have the option to take them out when I'm ready for them) and other than that it's all paperwork and packing!
I think I like your first haiku better today, if only for the idea that inverting the map can change the weather. I bet you'd really appreciate such a map! Though your maps probably put North America in the middle, and are therefore wrong :-P

A function is a map that
goes between spaces.

My Ex drew this map.
It doesn't show this dragon...
I think I'm doomed.

Marc said...

Greg - hah, a Mejaran map would be interesting to create. Though I wonder how long it would be before he started asking questions and wanting to visit various places on that map...

Well, congrats and best wishes on the big move! I hope everything works out splendidly for you in Malta. I still have fond memories of my two weeks there near the conclusion of my six months of backpacking around Europe. Will you be staying in Valletta then?

Haha, I love the story that's being hinted at in your second haiku. That is a rather vengeful ex!