Friday January 27th, 2017

The exercise:

Write four lines of prose about: the ghost town.

Got things moving again with my writing this morning. It's all in the approach sometimes. Now that I've got a method to my madness, I'm hoping to start making serious progress in the coming weeks.

Back at the bakery tomorrow, before they're closing for a week so that Sean and Shannon can move from their current house into a new place. Once the bakery opens up again (Feb 8th) I'll be taking over front counter duties Wednesday to Saturday, as Emma will be departing from her Wednesday to Friday shifts.

Looking forward to the extra income, but I'll still be keeping an eye out for something a little more secure and with higher pay.

While also still working away at this writing stuff, of course.


The leafless trees lining Main Street still rustle with memories of a long-past autumn when the north wind passes through town. But even the wind knows better than to linger here, so the echoing sound never lasts for long.

Not that anyone is ever around to hear it. Just me and some old friends, and we shall keep watch over our hometown for all of eternity.


Greg said...

I'm jumping around the comments a little as I catch-up because I've got enough time to write four lines, but probably not a whole piece on the other two prompts. I should be finished by this afternoon though!
Are you offering Sean and Shannon your removals business for their house move? Hopefully they'll find somewhere that doesn't have a strong 60s theme to it's decor.
You set up the scene really well, and the last line delivers more a kick than a punch, so I really enjoyed it. It might be nice if this ghost town becomes the setting for some more stories :)

The ghost town
The East Wallingford Gazette is pleased to announce that in another coup for East Wallingford the town council have passed plans to build a ghost town. The natural location for the ghost town is where West Wallingford is currently situated, but this has been seen to be a way to save money. The decrepit architecture, general sense of misery and despair, and the grey, unlovely weather are all perfectly fitted to a ghost town. Moreover, the strategic deployment of anthrax means that the West Wallingford residents can contribute immensely to this project by becoming the ghosts themselves.

Marc said...

Greg - hey, as long as you get there in the end the order doesn't matter too much. I'd say the same... but then I'd totally lose track of which days I've replied to and which I haven't :)

Nah, but I did offer to take their son off their hands if they need it. I think they've got things under control otherwise.

Ghost town continuation request duly noted :)

Ah, The East Wallingford Gazette :D A splendid little entry, though I suppose I can only say that because I don't live in *West* Wallingford.