Saturday January 21st, 2017

The exercise:

Write a four line poem about someone who is: skittish.

Managed to totally forget about my diabetes diagnosis anniversary (11 years today) until Facebook reminded me when I logged on just a few minutes ago.

I guess that's what happens when you work a 14 hour day, pretty much entirely on your feet.

I was at the bakery from 8 until 3:30, then I went to work helping out a store in town with their inventory from 4:30 until 11. It was fine (better than I expected, actually), but I still do not recommend doing that. Just remember: Marc makes bad life decisions. Do not do what Marc does.

We got a little over 80% of the store inventoried, so we'll be back at it tomorrow morning at 8 to finish it off. I expect it'll take a couple hours at most.

Which is good, seeing as I probably can't handle much more than that.

Also: will have to celebrate Diabetes Donut Day a day late.


Every unexpected noise
Is like Death knocking on her door;
To be totally honest,
I'm not sure she can take much more...


Greg said...

14 hour days on your feet are no fun, but you've clearly found that out for yourself. I hope the remainder of the inventory goes quickly, but less than 20% to do I'm sure it should do. And enjoy your donut! I look forward to seeing a picture of it :)
Hah, I like your poem a lot. I can picture the scene perfectly :-D

Long-legged, wavering, afraid of the dark,
Skittish in the shadows, waiting for a spark
Of light to scare the demons, and send them to hell.
They'll be back before you know it. Oh well.

Marc said...

Greg - no picture, too busy eating. Maybe next year. It was an apple fritter, though, and it was delicious.

Really, really like your first two lines here. And the finale of your final line is delightful as well. Great stuff :)