Tuesday January 24th, 2017

The exercise:

Write two haiku about: the collection.

This morning was pretty good. Got caught up on comments again (always a relief) and started to get into my first project in Scrivener. Which I bought yesterday, so I'm officially all in on that one.

This afternoon was a bit of a gong show. Max refused to let me take him to his swimming lesson, insisting he only wanted to go with Mommy. Who was busy getting Miles to sleep. And who had already taken the boys on a StrongStart field trip to the town's new fire hall this morning.

So... no swimming lessons this week.

He eventually got over his tantrum and we had a fairly nice time together after that. Managed to get him to bed at a reasonable time this evening, so hopefully a better night's sleep will lead to more cooperation tomorrow. Maybe?

Yeah, probably not.


A little of this,
a whole lot of that; I like
collecting nightmares

*     *     *

Ensconced within glass
display cases, his treasures
are for all of us


Greg said...

I'm starting to catch up on comments too! I've been looking over things and I realise that the only way to catch up on having been working from Budapest all week is to go in to the office and do a half-day over the weekend. That seems wrong somehow, but blame that on some people needing as much attention as Max does in your relations of today's events :)
I like your first haiku better this week for its last line, though the second one is more positive and makes the world feel like a better place!

The collection
Litter collection
Is not art. Distribution
Should be: here I go!

Taking money is
Emptying purses for good
Deeds. Theft? Collection!

Marc said...

Greg - and now I am catching up on you catching up!

Your first haiku definitely made me laugh, so that's my favorite this week. Subtle acrostic this week, I nearly missed it!