Saturday January 28th, 2017

The exercise:

Write a four line poem about: the treasure hunter.

Bakery was busy off and on today, but one of those on times was rather lengthy and intense. I think I had to use the machine to slice 13 loaves of bread between 5 customers in the course of 10 minutes or less. Definitely had trouble keeping the shelves stocked before and after that stretch.

By closing I'd sold all the loaves and all but one cinnamon bun, one baguette, one ciabatta loaf, and three epis. I think people were making a point to stock up to cover the week and a half we'll be closed - especially those who only come in on the weekend, as they're two weeks away from seeing us again.

Looking forward to having some time with my family tomorrow. Hopefully the weather cooperates and allows us to get some time outdoors.


There is very nearly nothing
That will keep him safe at home;
The wide world is always calling
With its long lost catacombs


Greg said...

At least you have a bread-slicing machine! It would have definitely taken you longer than 10 minutes for those customers if you had to hand-slice the bread. Still, it sounds like a very successful day.
For some reason when I read your poem today I'm put in mind of Calvin and Hobbes -- this is a good thing, without a doubt. I really like the wanderlust inherent in it, and I can feel the catacombs calling me too now :)

The treasure hunter
Isabella Bonfontaine,
jetting off on an aeroplane,
in search of treasure that's maybe lost;
She charges six times cost.

[Not that I'm entirely sure how she costs up a treasure hunting trip, but she tells me she's never failed to return with the prize.]

Marc said...

Greg - yes, I am glad to have the machine. I just wanted to mention it to avoid any confusion about me possibly doing it by hand :P

Calvin and Hobbes! I am rather pleased by this :)

Ah, an ode to Isabella! And an excellent one at that.

Tysean Carter said...

The bakery had its moments
Only one was intense.
13 loaves of bread in 10 minutes?
That makes no sense.
Today was a great day
We made money.
Tomorrow has now became an off day
Not to be funny