Saturday January 7th, 2017

The exercise:

Write a four line poem about: Donald Trump.

Have at 'er, folks.

Bakery was quite busy today. Only had 3 loaves of bread left at closing, and had sold out of baguettes, ciabatta, cinnamon buns, and plain croissants. Just had some chocolate croissants, macaroons, focaccia, and butter tarts to go in the freezer.

This dry cold is killing my hands. Currently four bandaids on the fingers of my right hand to deal with the cracks.

It's almost spring, right?

Okay, good.


Some say Let's all give him a chance,
Maybe he's not as bad as he seems!
I hope they stop thinking that way
Before he blows us to smithereens...


Greg said...

That does sound like a good day at the bakery! And the things that are frozen sound like they'll freeze well too, which is always a good thing.
For your hands, does a hand cream like Atrixo or just plain old vaseline not help with the cracks? I'm remembering Atrixo from when I was a child, which is sadly not as recently as I'd prefer, so I guess there may be better options available now.
Hmm, well, I can see Donald Trump is as popular with you as Lady Gaga was before you saw her in a car with James Cordon, so I guess we need to get Donald to get in that car and sing a medley of his greatest hits for you :) Still, I like your poem, even if it is bleak and unforgiving.

Donald Trump
Democrats believe that he's the donkey's rump,
Others think that VP Pence is worse,
So call off the assassins: if there's no more Donald Trump,
There's a madman driving Donald's hearse.

morganna said...

The resistance has begun
In the cities and the towns
Quietly and without fanfare
I hope we can succeed.

Marc said...

Greg - I've been using a hand cream since Christmas and it has helped a little. This cold has been outworking it though :/

I think we just need him to get in a car, by himself, singalong to the radio to the point of distraction, and then drive off a cliff.

Hah, no good options in those two, huh? Well done, sir :)

Morganna - I hope so, too :)

g2 (la pianista irlandesa) said...

Bending the rules a bit, because my disgusted and dire amazement about this particular unquenchable dumpster fire couldn't be any less bothered to make itself at all concise and articulate just yet.
on that night of the eighth
i vented in ink and disbelief
watching something "impossible"
come together in slow sick motion

i'm careful with words so i swore twice
it's said those words have
more weight when used

although i can't say i know at all
what that word means anymore
not when some rotting snarl's been
paraded around labeled with its stolen name

two months later
amid outrage and tension and
"impossible" things lurching about unfettered
what comes next?

Marc said...

g2 - that seems like a perfectly reasonable explanation/justification :)

Beautifully captured. I think your second to last line is my favorite. Although your third stanza is pretty great in general too.