Friday January 6th, 2017

The exercise:

Write four lines of prose about: butterflies in the garden.

Sorry for the non-seasonal (at least in the Northern Hemisphere) prompt, but I need it today. I've had quite enough of the cold and snow at the moment.

I've got a full day at the bakery tomorrow, so I best get some sleep.


Caught in the light of the setting sun, their beauty is breath taking. Their colors sparkle and glow, in unending pattern variations.

I still can't believe my ex wanted to throw these glass lawn ornaments in the trash.

Then again, that was only one of the many things we disagreed on.


Greg said...

Fed up with winter? And you call yourself Canadian! :-P I'm still quite enjoying the cold and damp here, though the Maltese aren't, so I guess they're on your side.
Your lawn ornaments sound pretty, but I wonder if they're like plastic flamingos... the kind of things some people look down on? The narrator's ex seems to be such a person, definitely!

Butterflies in the garden
"I can see butterflies in the garden," said Nanna, and we checked her for a fever or if she'd not been taking her medicine immediately. There had been no butterflies anywhere since the great chill of 2017, or the Nouveau temps de glace as the hipster government liked to call it. Only when we were sure she wasn't ill did we think to look ourselves, and there they were. Frost butterflies, glittering like an icy evil, presaging lower temperatures still to come.

Marc said...

Greg - it's been a colder than usual winter so far here, in my defense. But... yeah, I know I'm not being a proper representative of my country.

Wow, there's a helluva lot of story in these four lines. Really love that final line too.