Friday February 24th, 2017

The exercise:

Write four lines of prose about: the crocodile.

Sold the last loaf of bread around 2 o'clock today. Locked the doors to finish up the cleaning at 2:30, with only a couple of ciabatta buns and some butter tarts and macaroons left in the shop.

Business appears to be picking up. We shall see what tomorrow holds.

I'm sure the sunshine and above zero temperatures are helping. I get the impression that the town in general is busier these days, with more people out and about.

We're all slowly emerging from our winter hibernation, I suppose.


It will happen one day. It will happen, just as you say. Will you be pleased, or will your skin turn gray?

For when you see this crocodile in a while, you'll see me with a big, big smile.


Greg said...

Business looking up is good, and emerging from winter hibernation is also good (now I'm curious, doesn't hibernation imply winter? Two quick google searches, because google's first return offers somewhere to click to see word origins... and then doesn't provide them. Yes, winter hibernation is actually a tautology!). It sounds like your little part of Canada is rejoining the rest of the world. While you were hibernating -- Donald Trump started his presidency. That's why everything looks a little different :)
I feel you're combining prose and poetry today, which has me worried about what you'll do with tomorrow's post... but it's jaunty and amusing and could potentially be the theme tune to a kids show, something like... "Grandma Crocodile" about an old lady who gets eaten by a crocodile in the first episode while in the Everglades. When the crocodile finds pictures of her grandchildren in her handbag she gets remorseful and heads to Maine to see if she can make amends. After a (n hilarious) accident in a large department store she ends up dressed and made-up just like the real grandma, and her short-sighted (and possibly mentally dim) children and grandchildren believe that it's really her. The show then follows the problems of being a crocodile and trying to keep it hidden from your nearest and dearest. Plus trying to remember not to eat the baby when you're left in charge of it.
Or something.

The crocodile
"My, what big teeth Grandma has!"
"That's wolves sweetie, and you only find them up by the logging station."
"My, what a beautiful plover bird Grandma has."
"She's always been afraid of dentists since that time at the Milan Furniture show, and this is hygienic at least, sweetie."

Marc said...

Greg - I think you dove a little too deeply into your show concept :P

Having said that... I'd probably watch that!

Haha, that final line is... illuminating :D