Thursday February 2nd, 2017

The exercise:

Write about: the sickness.

Got a call mid-morning asking me to cover for someone at the community centre from noon until five this afternoon. It was a bit of a scramble and not totally ideal timing, but we made it work.

Max has a really nasty cough that's making it hard for him to sleep. It's pretty much torture watching him go through this. If things don't improve overnight we'll be taking him to see our doctor tomorrow, hopefully just to rule out anything serious. So fingers crossed for a better night than last night.

I also learned yesterday on Facebook that a guy I worked with way back in my Electronic Arts days (I quit in 2006) is in hospital, battling a blood clot. I was never super close with him but I have fond memories of working with him and know that he's a good guy.

Also: he's the father to two little children, so this is hitting a little close to home. I'm hoping the doctors can figure this out and that he's back home with his family as soon as possible.


You are not welcome here. You were not invited and you are not wanted. Leave this place now, by your own choosing, or be forced out. By any means necessary.

You choose to linger? That is ill advised, in my opinion. This will not end well for you.

I will bring to bear every manner of medicine to stand against you. You will be defeated. You will be driven out. You will crumble and decay until you are no more. And no one will mourn your passing.

No, not a soul will mourn you.


Greg said...

They say these things come in threes, so perhaps I shouldn't be surprised, but this still feels like a lot of sad things all happening at once. Let's hope Pestilence doesn't linger over there in B.C. :)
Also, well done on juggling the jobs!
Hmm, your piece today sounds like it was written by an exorcist rather than a doctor, but I think that just makes it more dramatic! The penultimate paragraph reads a little like a curse or an incantation; I can picture a black-robed, hooded person standing in the middle of a hospital ward declaring these words in order to cure people....

The sickness
"It's called Spellsickness," said Father Ignatz. He and Jane were kneeling next to Magdalena, who had been gently laid down on the floor.
"I think we all know that," said Thomas. He was glaring at anybody and everybody as though holding them all responsible for what had happened. The only person who managed to hold his glare was Lord Derby.
"I didn't," said Samual, and promptly hid behind Lord Derby when Thomas looked at him.
"Fine," said Thomas heavily. "Spellsickness: when a mage severely overstretches their own power it draws on their own vitality. Their nerves, their mind, and their muscles are all consumed in differing amounts. The end result can be anything from a bad case of shivering, to a seizure, to coma or total braindeath. Sometimes it can cause the onset of diseases like arthritis, some cancers, and Parkinson's disease. It's bad, and Magdalena has it." He looked around for David. "And you don't."

Marc said...

Greg - I like how you picture mine being spoken (or chanted, I suppose), so that shall be how I meant it :P

Oh dear, Magdalena does not seem to be in a good way. But at least she's still alive, so there's still hope for her!

Ethan Quinlan said...

The Sickness

It was Thursday, the day before our soccer team had to run, I felt the cold coming on and it wasn't a good sign. I woke up and when I lifted my head I felt congested with a lot of pressure behind my nose.
As I was walking to my first class I met up with one of my teammates and he was also feeling under the weather. It felt as if everyone was getting sick because as we were walking you could just hear the coughs and sneezing of people as they were on the way to classes. It must be the change of season which is hitting everyone hard. Personally, I get the "seasonal flu" when winter dies down into spring. When I was walking from building to building I could notice the congestion was getting worse inside and I was dying for some fresh air. As night was coming, I hopped into bed and made sure I had the room extra cool because there was no way I could rest well with the congestion and the warm room. I just hope this sickness doesn't get the best of me as I take on Friday.

Seth Wray said...

The sickness
I was not expecting the arrival of you. Yet you came without hesitation. You knocked me off my feet for a few days and made me feel absolutely terrible. You gave me coughing, chest pain, and bad headaches. You drug me through a hard time which seemed like it would never end.
When you finally left my life I was so thankful. I thought you would never leave. The relief was so heart warming and soft. The pain you brought, I wouldn't wish on my worst enemy.