Saturday February 11th, 2017

The exercise:

Write a four line poem about: the bomb shelter.

Bakery went pretty well today. Didn't sell out of loaves but didn't have much of anything else left at closing.

Looking forward to my three day weekend.

Hoping to not be miserably sick for all of it. So far so good on that account.


We gather here
Whenever the sirens wail
And listen to
Granddaddy's tall, tall tales


Greg said...

Why is it a three-day weekend? That does sound like a good day at the bakery though :)
Sorry I've been a bit quiet: it's been a bit hectic again lately. Catching up now though, for all that it's still quite busy.
I like the imagery in your poem, and the sense that the shelter is quite safe and maybe even fun to be in. Nice work!

The bomb shelter
The walls are thick, the roof is thin,
It's what our bombs shelter in.
When the weather's bad or they get scared,
They rush inside, our A-bomb herd.

Marc said...

Greg - the bakery is open Wed to Sat, so that gives me three days off. Unless the town calls wanting me to cover a shift on one of those days :)

No worries about the hectic induced absence. I am used to them by now :) I'm just grateful you always find time to make it back.

A shelter for bombs... that's fantastic. Your mind works in wonderfully unexpected ways :)