Tuesday February 21st, 2017

The exercise:

Write two haiku about: the pill.

Finally had some time to get back to my writing project this morning. Didn't get all that far, but hopefully it was a step toward getting some momentum back with it.

Also chopped wood (hopefully for the week), did laundry, and got into town this afternoon to get more sinus medication to help me get through the week at the bakery.

Pretty productive day, all in all.


Do it now. Do it
faster. Do it better. Do-
Duuuude. Take a chill pill.

*     *     *

Sleeping pills. Pepto.
Drugs for stress. Booze. Messages
in bottles abound.


morganna said...

When you want to be
Alone, there she is, always
Whining in your face.

How annoying can
One person possibly be?
Much, when she's a pill.

Greg said...

@Morganna: I like the link between your two haiku, and the last line of the second one is beautifully done. Marc says this a lot, but you make the constraints of the form seem invisible when you write! I think I have to pick both as my favourite this week.

@Marc: I hope it was a pleasure to sink back into your words and continue the writing project! The wood-chopping must give you time to muse on what your characters are doing and where the story is going though?
Sorry again for the sporadic updates at the moment. I'm spending about 12 hours a day in the office again -- it's a good job I live only a 20-minute walk away :)
Your second haiku is definitely my favourite today: a very nice twist on the 'message in a bottle' meme. That said, I have enough stress without taking drugs to enhance it too :-P

The pill
Take this pill, he said.
A new world awaits you, where
Brave kids do brave things.

Lies, all lies. This is
Earthly hell. Where is the pill
To take me back home?

Marc said...

Morganna - hah, I appreciate you using that definition of pill. It hadn't come to mind until I read your haiku, so nicely done!

Greg - yes, well, 'anti-anxiety' was going to eat up too many syllables, so I had to make do with 'drugs for stress' :P

That's a great acrostic, once again. I quite enjoyed the contrast between the two as well.