Tuesday February 28th, 2017

The exercise:

Write two haiku about something that is: uncertain.

Took the boys to Parent and Tot at the community centre this morning, which they both enjoyed. Contemplated getting groceries with the both of them this afternoon, then came to my senses.

With Miles not wanting to go in his stroller or sit in the grocery cart, my options for a reasonable shopping experience were limited. And they all included Max's full cooperation.

So we stayed close to home for the rest of the day instead.


It's hard to explain
the way I feel about you.
It's not love. I think...

*     *     *

The universe is
too vast for us to be all
alone in it... right?


Greg said...

I think I would have been very entertained by the tale of Marc and the two children in the supermarket, so I'm disappointed it didn't happen. But I think I understand why :)
I like your second haiku better today, because that last word suggests that it might not be a good thing if we're not alone in the universe, and that makes me smile. A lot.

Utter contempt for
Nice and orderly, so let's
Shake things up for fun.

Up-and-down, round and
Round, nothing stays the same here
Except endless change.

Marc said...

Greg - yes, well, be disappointed all you like :P

Really like your second haiku as well. I think it really captures an air of uncertainty quite beautifully :)