Tuesday February 7th, 2017

The exercise:

Write two haiku about: the quitter.

Ugh. That is all for today's health updates.

Back to the bakery tomorrow morning. Fingers crossed I manage to get a decent sleep tonight.


The going got tough.
He didn't care for that much,
so he got going

*     *     *

Each roll of the dice
seems to go in your favor.
You're cheating. I quit.


Greg said...

I'm guessing that the shorter the update the less sleep you had, so I hope that tomorrow's health update requires a separate post because of its length :)
I like your second haiku better today for its last line especially! I also like your clever letter-omitted acrostic, though "THiS EaSY" seems like boasting a little :)

The quitter
Gravediggers who quit
In the graves they are digging
Very seldom leave.


Every day I quit...
Until lunch. Quitting takes Will-
Power I don't have.

morganna said...

It's so very hard
I just cannot possibly
Manage it, I quit!

I will not do it
You can't make me and I won't!
I quit, forever.

Marc said...

Greg - yes, that would have been nice :P

Hah, hadn't noticed the almost acrostic. I can only wish I'd done that on purpose!

Really, really like your first :)

Morganna - heh, I like the finality of the final line in your second haiku. I appreciate that kind of commitment to quitting :D