Friday August 21st, 2009

The exercise:

The topic for this week's Four Line Friday Prose *thumbs nose at Greg* is inspired by another picture from my Cathedral Lakes trip, this one taken on the way back home, in Manning Park:

The starter: ready for your close-up.


I would love to say that I was able to get this close thanks to an amazing combination of stealth and patience. Or that I won this little guy's trust through genuine kindness and my gentle nature. But the reality, sadly, is that it had nothing to do with me.

This marmot is so domesticated that, about ten minutes before this picture was taken, a couple were scratching the back of its head and making baby sounds at it.


Greg said...

That is a cute little marmot, and you got a good photograph of it too. Just because he's domesticated doesn't mean it wasn't a good shot!

Ready for your close-up

The speaker had been yammering on for forty-five minutes longer than his allotted slot and the luncheon parties were getting restless. The anecdote about the bird and anchor had been amusing; the one about the care bear and the odd-colour lightbulb had been... well disturbing, and now everything was just boring.
The steward tapped the speaker on the shoulder, still carrying the carving knife from the roast.
"We're ready for your close-up now," he whispered to the frightened speaker.

Marc said...

Aha! An excellent alternative take on 'close-up'! Didn't see that last line coming at all :)

Also - referencing your last writing was full of win.