Thursday August 27th, 2009

The exercise:

Hitting the road again tonight, be back Sunday. No chance for me to do any of the prompts, but I'll at least schedule them for you good folk to have a crack at.

First up: gone.


All the cards have been dealt,
The ball no longer spins,
The dice have left the felt -
Once more I’ve lost to sin.

I’m no ruler of Rome -
I’m the casino’s pawn.
It’s time to head on home,
Since all my money’s gone.


g2 (la pianista irlandesa) said...

-sings while keeping time by whacking street with stick- "on the road again..."
... Sorry. Couldn't resist. Where were we? Ah yes, the prompt.
- - - - -
Gone are the days of musical air
Gone are the days of sitting out there.
Gone are the days of thumbing through books
Gone are the days of beautiful looks.

Though gone are the days of the poor and the rich,
And gone are the days of anxiety's itch,
Gone are the days of humanity's reign,
And the rule of the robots here remain.
- - - - -
A bit quirky, but what do you expect from me: a total serious demeanor and free of any nonsense whatsoever? It does happen, but not often enough to be considered.

springit said...

I can't believe you're still gone. For some strange reason I figured you'd be back by now. Although you never were the type to do what you're supposed to. Sometimes I wonder if you're out there, not doing what you're supposed to with someone else. It hurts too much to picture though, so I change the someone else to me. That always seems to cheer me up. Only for the few minutes, of course, until I come crashing back to reality and're gone. Sometimes I think I should stop these fantasies. That the cold realization of your departure should only be experienced once and not countless times a day. I can't quit though. I'm addicted to these fuzzy, deteriorating memories and the dreams of what could have been. They're all I have left to keep me going...going...gone.

Greg said...

Have a good weekend :)


Sunlight falls on empty floors,
A cat walks through unlocked doors,
There's a feeling that there's only one,
...oh yes, I recall -- you're gone.

No-one's touched a book in years,
No-one laughs at my irrational fears,
No-one tells me that we've almost won
...because, I recall -- you're gone.

No-one visits me on this ward,
The nurses are in stern accord,
I may not get up or get on
...I've forgotten, something's gone

Once you were my joy and pride,
Vindication of all I tried,
Now Alzheimer's has begun,
...I forget -- my mind is gone.

Monica Manning said...

I'm still thinking about this one, but wanted to comment @Greg ... Beautifully sad. Alzheimer's is exactly what sprung to mind as well. Such a sad and horrible disease. You captured it so gracefully.

Monica Manning said...

Give me back the days of music when
Once upon a time you sang to me.
Now there is nothing but
Eerie silence that swallows me whole.

Marc said...

g2 - ah, On The Road Again. Fond memories, right there.

That was great - I wasn't expecting that last line at all :)

springit - that was a great bit of, I'm hoping for your sake, fiction. If it was non-fiction then it was a story very well told.

Greg - that was, quite simply, excellent.

Monica - I think 'beautifully sad' could also apply to yours. You packed a lot of power into four lines.

springit said...

thanks Marc! sadly its not fiction but that's ok. Ive gotten a lot of inspiration and fuel for my writing. Life's all about lessons, right? =]