Thursday August 20th, 2009

The exercise:

The phrase "one fell swoop" came into my head this afternoon and wouldn't leave. So I decided to make a prompt out of it, in hopes that it would go away. I'm not certain it worked, but at least I got some writing out of it.


They were taken in one fell swoop,
By a man they had never met.
I screamed, "It can't be their time yet!"
But he just continued to troop.

"How dare you play such a dark game?"
I cried out, causing him to pause.
He replied, "I have no need for cause:
They are mine, for Death be my name."


g2 (la pianista irlandesa) said...

You're not the only one with something that won't leave your head.
- - - - -
In one fell swoop it came to my mind
And flatly refused to leave.
They're up to their old antics, guys,
And drive me to insan'ty.

I've dealt with flinging cutlery,
Which is fine. But hear:
Have you heard a thing so strange
a one sticking a pickle in ear?

Dear friends, I dare to kid you not
And I speak of truth-titutions.
But I say this and I think:
They'll think I belong in institution.
- - - - -
I kid you not: For some reason the idea of one of the little guys running around my mind (a stick figure, specifically) was trying, for some inexplicable reason, to shove a pickle in his ear.

Connor's not the only crazy one, you know; he's gotta get it from somewhere.

Greg said...

I quite like the phrase 'one fell swoop,' though I always think of birds of prey when I hear it. I guess they swoop better than most other creatures.
I liked yours, I didn't see the last line coming at all!

One fell swoop

The Green Lightbulb huddled in a corner trying to tuck his head under his legs. His arms were partly held out from his sides by the large green wings he was wearing, which refused to fold up properly. Stood over him, in a fine phlegmatic rage was Dr. Septopus, while Sylvestra stood back with a small video camera and her YouTube webpage already open.
"WHAT did you think you were doing?" screamed Dr. Septopus, hopping up and down. His normally bulbous head was almost twice as large as usual and the veins were protruding like cables.
"One fell swoop..." muttered the Green Lightbulb, his arms feebly trying to flap.
"You are not a raptor!" screamed Dr. Septopus, strings of mucus dripping from his beak. "You do not swoop anywhere! This was supposed to be a jewel heist and -- YOU -- assaulted a care bear!"
"Swoopy, swoopy," giggled the Green Lightbulb, his eyes rolling back in his head.
"And we're villains!" Dr. Septopus continued shouting, unable to calm himself enough to talk normally. "No means Yes! It does not, and I mean never mean what you did to that care bear."
"Intensive care bear...?"
"SHUT UP Sylvestra, you're not helping! Gods help us all, he's still got some of its stuffing!"
Dr. Septopus reeled backwards, trying not to vomit, and Sylvestra turned the camera off and laid on the table, where it could upload the video.
"He can't have its stuffing," she said thoughtfully. "It was just some kid in a costume."
"One fell swoop," giggled the Green Lightbulb again, his legs twitching, and entrails spilling from between his fingers.

Marc said...

g2 - that... is a truly odd thing to have stuck in one's head. I like it :)

Also: truth-titutions is a great word

Greg - well that was quite disturbing. Poor Dr. Septopus, he's hell bent on a heart attack or stroke at this rate.