Monday August 24th, 2009

The exercise:

Kat and I are watching Long Way Down tonight, the sequel to the wonderful Long Way Round series that we enjoyed so much.

So, to honor the occasion, let the topic today be: long way down.


"It's a long way down from up here."

No kidding, I thought. The wind pushed against me, shifting my center of balance uncomfortably forward. I forced myself not to take a step back.

"You ready?"

Hell no.

"Yeah, let's do this," I said with empty bravado.

She took my hand and flashed her dazzling smile; my knees threatened to go weak but I made them stay strong. We crouched as one, peering over the side of the building and down to the ant-like citizens on the street below. They were about to be in for one big surprise.

"On three," she whispered and I nodded, a quick, sure thing. "One... two... three!"

We rose together, my hand slipping from hers as she leaped out. As I stood there, watching her fall, I wondered if she even realized that I was not with her.

Probably not, I decided. It was never about me anyway.


Greg said...

That's an intriguing little tale, what happens next? Do we get a continuation tomorrow? I hope so!

Long way down

Promethean dreams have led me here,
And I'm awed by the vista before me.
The whole world spread out for me to revere,
An immortal landscape of mystery.
But this high up the wind is quite strong,
The Aeolian harp won't stop screaming,
Boreas seizes me and it won't be long,
Before I'll wish I was dreaming.
Notus and Eurus ruffle my hair,
Zephyrus takes care of my frown,
Clutching my prize, theft from the Gods,
I notice it's a long way down.

Monica Manning said...

A Long Way Down

The Locator stood before him, an imposing man of some several thousand years, a tightly rolled scroll held reverently in his hands.

“Do you know why you are here today, Thelanon?”

His eyes downcast, the boy nodded mutely. The Locator nodded, allowing the mere hint of a smile. “Very well, then.”

The golden flecks embedded in the parchment glinted as the Locator unfurled the scroll and read the Decree.

“It has come to pass that the spirit named Thelanon shall make The Voyage and be one with a Being, acting as Spirit Guide and Moral Counsellor, until such time his journey shall end. And so it shall be.”

“And so it shall be,” repeated Thelanon, his eyes glowing with excitement.

The Locator unsheathed his jewel-encrusted sword—a ceremonial blade passed down through generations—and tapped Thelanon’s shoulders. As he chanted the age-old words that would complete the transformation, a golden dome glowed around the boy, enveloping him like a shield, pulsing with energy. Thelanon could feel the power fill him, spread through every part of his being, like a great tidal wave. He had waited his entire life for this moment.

When the ceremony was complete, he raised himself, standing tall, his young back erect and strong. He slowly raised his eyes to The Locator, surprised to see the elder grinning at him. Thelanon grinned back, then rushed forward to be enveloped in the open arms.

“I will miss you, uncle.” His voice was muffled against the old man’s tunic.

“I will watch over you, Thelanon. You may not always feel me. It is, after all, a long way down, but know that I will watch over you as you, in turn, will Guard your Being.”

With one final embrace, Thelanon stepped back and looked into the wise grey eyes that had watched over him these many years. He offered a smile to demonstrate his courage, then he was suddenly gone.

The Locator smiled quietly to himself, more than a little envious of the adventure on which Thelanon was about to embark.

Marc said...

Jeez, I was quite pleased with mine, then I open up the comments and you both blow me right out of the water!

Excellent :)

Greg - here's your continuation: SPLAT.

I really liked the last two lines and the bit about the harp screaming.

Monica - I just loved the whole thing. Really, really well done.