Sunday August 9th, 2009

The exercise:

Short and snappy.

Write a poem, of any number of lines, but only use a maximum of four words per line.


Raindrops escape the clouds
Is that still allowed?
It's been so long,
It feels wrong!
Oh sunshine,
Where are you?
Sky so blue,
Why hide?
Have you died?
Come back!
This rain smacks
Of grey
And just may
Turn summer's end
Into depression's friend.


Greg said...

Well, I'm sat here wishing it would rain, so maybe we can swap weathers? That would please me :)

The poem is elegant and works terribly well. You wouldn't think it was a writing exercise at all, despite the constraint seeming like it.

Short and snappy

The dwarf called Happy
Is short and snappy,
He hates other folk.

This one's Grumpy,
His skin is lumpy,
And he's always broke.

I've just killed Doc
With a Chinese wok,
He despised my cooking.

Anonymous said...

I am loving these prompts! It's really cool that you do them too and don't just post the prompt.

I've given you an award! Claim it at

Marc said...

Greg - aw, thanks! And the sun did come out for a bit in the afternoon yesterday, but we're back to rain today.

I really enjoyed yours, though the 'cooking' at the end through me off. I suppose you were pretty limited in your options if you wanted to continue to rhyme with 'folk' though.

Julie - thanks very much :)

Me doing them is born from two things - I'd hate to ask others to do something I wouldn't, and... I need the practice too :)

And thanks very much for the award!