Saturday August 8th, 2009

The exercise:

The topic for this week's four line poem shall be: wrongfully accused.


My innocence has been proven
But the accusation is all
That is remembered, so I fall
And the healing cannot begin.


Monica Manning said...

Ah. To be forgiven and to give forgiveness ... only then can the healing begin.

* * *

For the theft of four oatmeal cookies
Charlie sits alone with his thoughts
Sentenced by Mom to sit in the corner
While the dog grins and licks his chops

Greg said...

Ah, your poem has hit the nail on the head there -- just the accusation can be damning enough without there being any truth to it.

@Monica -- I rather like your oatmeal cookies poem too, poor Charlie!

Wrongfully accused

After all the things I've done
That I've hidden oh-so-well
You're accusing me of this?
-- you can go to hell!

Marc said...

Monica - haha, that's brilliant. Wonderful rhymes and images :)

Greg - ah, the injustice of the guilty being accused of something they're actually innocent of :)