Tuesday August 18th, 2009

The exercise:

The topic for this week's Two Haiku Tuesday is... a picture:

I took this picture while we were up at Cathedral Lakes - oh, I forgot to mention that I created a Flickr account and threw some pictures up over there. Feel free to have a look.

I decided, for at least one of my haiku, that I'd try to actually do a 'proper' one (that would be the first one, in case you can't figure it out). I do know what a true haiku looks like, Kat did buy me a book on them after all, I just like to do silly ones more.

But a change of pace is never bad, so on with the show!


Wildflower keeps watch
As Water runs by laughing -
All is right today.

* * *

Standing in this place
It's very hard to recall
Why I work inside.


Greg said...

Nice pictures, and I admire your ultra-casual style of fishing! Did you catch anything?
Oh, and the hissy fit of hat flapping did make me laugh :)

I have a vague idea that a real haiku needs a reference to a season and an element in it, but I've never taken enough time to check that out. I shall put it on my list of 'things to do (just not right now).'
I do like your haikus though; the first is cheering, and the sentiment of the second is much appreciated!

And, (long comment today) I'll see about taking yesterday's piece and putting it up on protagonize, maybe letting other people join in too.

Summer light and air,
The systolic thump of sap
Carries life forward


Camouflaged tiger
Hungry and waiting for you
Lurks just out of shot

Marc said...

No, no fish for me. And... well, I'm glad Kat isn't the only one that finds that picture amusing.

I believe you're correct about the season thing, I think I'll edit my final line to reflect that. Good catch, I'd forgotten about that.

Glad you put the story up too :)

Your second haiku made me laugh, nicely done!