Thursday August 13th, 2009

The exercise:

Well I'm off to see Kat again in oooh... about twenty minutes. I'll be back Sunday afternoon, with tales to tell I'm sure. I've scheduled posts to go up tomorrow and Saturday, but I have very little faith they will work. But I decided to try anyway.

Today's prompt: ping pong.

See you Sunday!


Back and forth I go,
Go I forth and back.
Am I here or there?
There or here I am.

Is this nonsense deep?
Deep nonsense this is.


g2 (la pianista irlandesa) said...

Hm. Random prompt. Let's see what my sleepy brain can make of it, shall we?
I flick the crystal...
I let it resonate, sing that one note for as long as it pleases. I think it likes the note, it shivers with excitement and happiness.

A pitcher of water stood to my right. I decided to try pouring some of it into the crystal glass before me, flicking it as it filled.
Ooh. I like that sound.
A bit weirder than I like to do. But hey! there's pinging, there's ponging. Any questions?

Greg said...

That's quite charming really, it's a shame that English doesn't allow symmetrisation of punctuation (in the way, say, Spanish does). Have a good weekend!

Oh, and I'm quite pleased you laughed at yesterday's offering; it makes me smile too whenever I reread it.

Ping Pong

I remember watching movies,
Old ones, before I went to bed,
And praying that during the night,
I wouldn't wake up dead.

Fu Manchu would watch over me,
Agaton Sax by my side,
But little Ping Pong was the traitor,
Taking me along for a ride.

My dreams were filled up with horrors,
Ghosts were white; my face was whiter,
But the feverish thoughts that they gave me
Lead to me being a writer.

Marc said...

g2 - I've never had an issue with weird :)

I quite like it - playing around with crystal and water, trying to find a sound you like sounds like a good way to kill a few hours.

Greg - I friggin' love that ending stanza.