Friday April 23rd, 2010

The exercise:

Kat and I watched The Grocer's Son tonight, so... that movie title is your topic for this week's four lines of prose.

This morning at work was pretty good. This afternoon was a different story. But now it's the weekend!

Also: the Canucks managed to win again tonight, so they're up 3 games to 2 in their best of 7 series with Los Angeles.


Matteo grew up helping his father with his store. Stocking shelves, answering the phone, even boying the register on occasion.

But he harbored a dream of something more, a life that was lived in a bigger spotlight.

His father suspected his boy's heart was elsewhere all along but nothing could have prepared him for the day Matteo announced he was leaving for the city to become a mime.


Greg said...

Yay for the weekend! I haven't seen the Grocer's son (shouldn't the link be to imdb? but I'm sure I can manage something with the title!
And go Canucks! Three to two with two games to go is a good position to be in.
And... my dates for Canada are confirmed. I'll be in Montreal for the 4th to the 6th, then on the Friday (should be the 7th, I think) I fly to Vancouver. I'll be there till Sunday sometime, when I fly to Kamloops, then I fly back to Vancouver on the Thursday evening. I'm working in Richmond on the Friday, and fly back to the UK late on Saturday, so we have opportunities to meet up on either weekend, if you're free :)

I loved the denouement of yours today -- becoming a mime was a fantastic idea!

The Grocer's Son

"I was a grocer's son," said the politician, smiling broadly at his audience. "And I like to think that I can bring some of that background to politics. For instance, I shall be adding several extra kilos to the police force -- we will see policemen on the street in bunches, not pairs. And there'll be no more short measures on the nurses either..."

Marc said...

Yeah, it probably should, but I'm an Amazon associate and I haven't been posting many links recently ;)

And that is very exciting news! Hopefully I'll be mobile by then :P

From grocer's son to politician... you don't see that every day. I would never have thought to relate the two quite like that, well done!