Sunday April 25th, 2010

The exercise:

Your prompt today: in the hospital again.


Alright, here's the full story of my Saturday, as promised earlier.

I woke up before my alarm, which is not a common occurrence... ever. I was in a fairly significant amount of pain in my abdomen but I really thought it was just gas or something. I went to the bathroom, felt slightly better, and went back to bed.

The pain returned full force not much later and I began to think that maybe I got food poisoning from the fish we had for dinner Friday night. I tried having a bit to eat for breakfast and felt immediately nauseous but nothing wanted to come up. After a few more rounds of this Kat convinced me to go to the walk-in clinic up the street.

"Sorry, we're not taking any more patients today. Come back Monday."

Er, awesome? Kat told the receptionist that I probably had food poisoning and she recommended that we go to the emergency room. I had no interest in going to emergency for that, so went back home and hoped the pain would leave me alone.

It, of course, did no such thing. At least it had the decency to not get any worse.

We went into emergency at Mount Saint Joseph hospital around 3:30. They checked me out, said it was likely appendicitis, and away we went. I had a CT scan which indicated it was likely my appendix but wasn't conclusive. But with all signs pointing in its direction that was good enough for me. I was not interested in being checked in and observed to see if it got any better.

I went into surgery around 8pm and I guess everything went pretty smoothly. I got to spend the night there, not far from where I spent four of my nights when I was diagnosed with diabetes. Being there brought back some pretty unpleasant memories, I'll say that much.

The surgeon came by to see me in the morning and, among other things, said that I had one of the longest appendix she'd ever seen. Rawr. You know it, baby.

Anyway, I got to go home before lunch and Kat has taken fantastic care of me ever since. I'll be missing at least two weeks of work but considering how little fun I've been having there recently I can't say I'm too bummed out about that.

I'm in a bit of pain at the moment but it's not too bad. Moving around is pretty awkward, so I'm trying not to do too much of that. I'm hoping to enjoy the rest as much as possible and maybe catch up on some reading while I'm at it.

So, there you go. My weekend in a nutshell. Not the best weekend ever, but certainly not the worst. Let the sleeping in begin!


Nicole said...

Thanks for the update! Glad that you're being well taken care of and I hope you heal up quickly!

Greg said...

Heh, you're managing to pick up a collection of minor complaints, one every couple of years, aren't you? I look forward to hearing, in two to three years time, that you're having an hysterical pregnancy... ;-)
I'm glad it was only appendicitis and didn't progress to anything worse.
The hospital visit doesn't sound too bad, though I can see being near where you where when you were diagnosed with diabetes wouldn't be much fun. And there's nothing like a surgeon paying you compliments!
Well, if you're off work for two weeks and restricted in your movements, I guess your writing will increase in volume and content! There is a silver lining!

In the hospital again

The new doctor looked oddly unconfident, and when a harried nurse pushed a chart into his hand and demanded that he explain the patient's medication, he looked quite taken aback. He looked at the chart, frowned, turned it upside down and frowned again.
"Do we let lepers in the hospital, nurse?" he asked.
"Er... well, I don't know," she said. "I... I think that would be a quarantine case."
"Then you'd better quarantine this man," said the new doctor. "Oh, and check under the bed in case anything's already dropped off."
The nurse walked off, wondering if she could get a second opinion, and the new doctor asked for direction to room K2.
The patient in room K2 looked up as the new doctor came in, and immediately panicked.
"Vince!" he said, trying to shout and whisper at the same time. "What the blue blazes are you doing here?"
"Brought you some flowers with a file in them," said Vince patting his pockets and trying to remember where he'd put them.
"Vince, if you get caught in here they'll arrest you! You killed a whole ward in here!"
"I just sneezed in the water fountain, how was I to know I had Legionnaire's disease?"
"They don't look at it like that!"
"Well, you need to get out anyway. They've got lepers in here."
Dave's face was a picture.

Monica Manning said...

OK. I got nothin' for the prompt. Sorry. But I wanted to wish you well in your recovery.

And roll my eyes and sigh a little. Only a guy would be proud to have a large appendix. Honestly, Marc (eyes rolling again), size is not everything.

And I have some swamp land you may be interested in. ;O)~

Kat ... be strong! Don't let him whine too much.

Monica Manning said...


And I can see that Blogger and I are at war as they seem to publish my comments twice. Twice. I apologize for the deletions. Deletions.

Marc said...

Nicky - thanks for the well wishes :)

Greg - yeah, I'm hoping to get some good writing done. Or at least get back to work on editing the NaNoWriMo story.

""Oh, and check under the bed in case anything's already dropped off.""

I came dangerously close to laughing out loud at that.

Monica - hahaha, thanks for the encouragement and I know Kat won't let me get too carried away :)

No worries about the double posts, I'll just make those deleted ones disappear. Hopefully without breaking commenting for the post as a whole (I've done that once already and still haven't figured out how to fix it).