Sunday April 11th, 2010

The exercise:

Caption this picture:

I edited a story by Kat's eight year old cousin Ginny over Easter weekend and we hung out with her and her family this evening. I was caught completely off guard when Ginny gave me a thank you card with a lovely little note inside.

What's that got to do with the picture? On the cover of the card was a dog, with glasses on, sitting at a keyboard. I couldn't find it online, so the above had to do.


"If you don't get me that report by noon I will eat your shoes for lunch."

*   *   *

"You really expect me to believe that your owner ate your homework again?"

*   *   *

It's safe to say that Chuckles was not impressed that he'd lost his tenth straight game of Solitaire.


Greg said...

Are you encouraging Ginny to join Protagonize then? If she's wise enough to hire you for your editing skills, she should certainly be seeking a wider audience for her writing!

The picture is cool though, and I'm sure the one on your card was cooler still. I like all of your captions, though the second one brought the broadest smile to my face -- that's a lovely reworking of a classic excuse!


"You know my hiring policy, Miss Smith. We pay peanuts and we hire monkeys. Mmmmm, delicious monkeys...."


"Sir, when we said we wanted to bury our competitors, we didn't think you'd take it so literally."


Jasper stared at the screen with a sinking feeling. It was a Microsoft OS -- didn't they know that paws couldn't manage Ctrl-Alt-Del?

Marc said...

I've certainly been thinking about it. I just don't want to expose her to all those crappy roleplays :P

I'm torn between liking your first or second best. I think the unexpected taste for monkeys wins the day for the first.

Annie Cristina said...

Oh, that picture is too awesome for words! So awesome, in fact, that I will come back when I have a caption worthy of its awesomeness. :)

Have a great Monday!