Thursday April 1st, 2010

The exercise:

Let us celebrate April Fools' Day with: fooling around.

Er, not literally of course.

Kat and I are on the road as of noon today, so I'll see you when I get back. Try not to burn the blog down while I'm away.


He wears a jester's cap
And really likes to nap.
He'll cartwheel for a dime
And juggle for a lime.
He'll dance five jigs at once,
While you call him a dunce.
And when his day is through,
At home he'll laugh at you.


amy said...

I just stumbled on your blog, and it's wonderful! I absolutely love that you've kept track of and celebrated the number of days in a row that you've written. (My former English teachers in school would have marked that sentence "awk." for obvious reasons.)

I felt incredibly frustrated with my own writing, so I took a break and now I'm really struggling to get started. When I have time off from school, I work hard, but don't always commit to making time for writing in the midst of my everyday life.
Thanks for keeping this blog going with writing exercises and inspiration. I'll definitely be back again soon.

Greg said...

I'm sure we won't burn the blog right down to the ground while you're gone....

Fooling around

Lingo of foolishness,
N.G. Folio has studied it.
Lion fog is coming in fast,
Ion Golf must finish soon.

Oo Fling! A popular drink,
Fool Gin is in as well,
Logo fin painted on the wall,
Fooling around is all.

Marc said...

Amy - well I'm glad your online travels brought you this way :)

I hope this blog will be of some use to you in your attempts to get your writing back on track! Your writing will certainly be welcome here.

Greg - indeed, I'm glad to see there are some charred remains :P

And your poem definitely made me smile, especially that last line.