Sunday April 18th, 2010

The exercise:

Your prompt today: uh oh.

Kat and I babysat her bridesmaid's eighteen month old son this afternoon and his very favorite thing to say are those two words. It's particularly hilarious when they're actually context appropriate - for example, directly after dropping a piece of food on the floor.


What's that red light for?
Why's everyone running for the door?
I'd totally go...
But the weatherman was calling for snow.

The walls have a glow...
Why is that - does anybody know?
What did you say, Joe?
The damned reactor is about to blow?

Uh oh.


Greg said...

Hehe, babysitting is one of those activities that can put you off children for life, or at least make you resolve to never have any of your own. Sounds like you had a pretty well-behaved child though!
Swimming the Atlantic... I guess I'd make the record books if I drowned far enough along....
And your little comic poem made me smile, which is no mean feat first thing in the morning!

Uh oh

Two tiny words
(Uh oh)
That have such incredible power
(Uh oh)
To inspire terror
(Uh oh)
Into any man's heart
(Uh oh)
(Uh oh)

Marry me
(Uh oh)

Marc said...

Yeah, he was really great. We took him to the park to play and he had a blast.

It was a bit of a relief, actually, since we'd never had him on his own before and were worried he'd freak out :)

And thanks for returning the smile!