Saturday April 17th, 2010

The exercise:

It's four line poem day once again. This time around your topic is: the volcano.

Score another one for Mother Nature.


They feel safe, it's been so long
Since I have woken;
But they've forgotten - I sleep
With one eye open.


Salynne Wilde said...

Mother nature & Human nature-not so different.....

Deep inside my belly, my core
Rumblings of red hot anger ascend;
I erupt, spewing molten words of bitterness
And subside into the gloom and darkness of guilt

Greg said...

Ah yes, that volcano that's stopped all flights out of the UK. I'm rather hoping it quiets down again before I fly to Canada next!

And that's a great little poem, Marc!

The volcano

Teenage acne for the earth:
Volcanoes dot its craggy face,
It must have a date quite soon --
Volcanoes erupt with grace.

Marc said...

Salynne - a fine point, and well executed to boot. I know I have days I feel more like a volcano than a man :)

Greg - I hope so too! I'd hate for you to have to resort to swimming :P

Haha, that's very cleverly done. I wonder who the big date is with?