Friday April 30th, 2010

The exercise:

Your four line prose prompt this Friday shall be: a full moon.

Wow, it's the end of April already? Very exciting!

Still making steady progress with the healing thing. Only moderately stir crazy so far.


The moon is full, yellowed and lurking just above the horizon as though its weight is too much for the night sky to lift up. The air against my skin is still warm but cooling all too rapidly; I wish I'd thought to bring a jacket when I'd left the house this afternoon.

The grass in the meadow tickles my calves as I walk towards the tree line, my hands buried in the pockets of my shorts, the fingers of my right hand toying with the object I'd found on the porch this morning.

I don't know what I'm going to say when I reach Miguel's house, but I do know I'm not leaving until all my questions are answered.


Greg said...

Yeah, a third of the year has just disappeared! I'm moderately astonished.
Glad to hear that you're recovering well, let's hope that when you're well enough to move around again you aren't unbalanced by the loss of your impressively large appendix!
That's an intriguing little story you've got going there, I wonder what Miguel will have to say for himself?

A full moon

"Werewolves come out when there's a full moon," said Dr. Septopus, gazing out of the window at the flood-lit baseball pitch. Somewhere on the field there was the thwack of bat hitting ball, and a muted cheer went up from the crowd.
"I'm hilarious, not herpes," said the Green Lightbulb, unaccountably naked in the corner of the room. Dr. Septopus's beak clacked quietly as he worked it out: Green meant, hopefully, hirsute and hairy

Marc said...

Well, I can teeter around the house reasonably well already. It's just the getting up and sitting down parts that are painful :P

"Unaccountably" is so well placed and whimsically accurate :D