Tuesday April 13th, 2010

The exercise:

Your Two Haiku Tuesday topic this week: mutiny.

Allow me, if you'd be so kind, to examine the last three days. On Sunday I went to the gym for the first time since I hurt my back in February. On Monday I biked to work for the first time since last fall sometime. This evening I took part in my first ultimate practice of the year.

In short: I expect my body to rise up in mutiny very, very shortly.


Take another step?
No, we'd rather not, thank you.
Signed, Your Worn Out Legs

*     *     *

The captain was thrown
overboard last night because
his snores woke the dead.


Greg said...

I was wondering why today's post seemed to be a little late coming up, and then I rememebered about Ultimate. So I'm glad to see that you don't seem to have injured yourself, and that you're throwing yourself in at the deep end as far as getting fit for the season goes! Although yes,... yes, I too think that come Friday you'll be wishing you could donate your legs to a charity where they could make someone else suffer instead!

Your first haiku is good, but the second one is brilliant!


Captain, we voted,
To turn the ship around. Now,
Hand over the wheel.


Not rebellion.
Just mutiny. We're changing
Who is in command.

Marc said...

I'm feeling surprisingly good today but I seem to recall there being a day delay before the real hurting begins after playing ultimate. We'll see what tomorrow brings :)

I like the matter of factness of your second one :D