Monday April 26th, 2010

The exercise:

Your prompt today: pickup lines overheard in the hospital.

Because, hey, why not?

Day one at home is going pretty good. Getting some rest and reading a lot. Still incredibly awkward to do... anything. My current list of the worst things ever: coughing, laughing, sneezing, and getting out of bed.


As a surgeon, I'm very good with my hands.

* * *

That's not a stethoscope in my pocket.

* * *

So... your gurney or mine?

* * *

Come over to my room later and we'll have mashed guck, mystery meat, and apple juice by candlelight.


summerfield said...

vampire doc to new pretty nurse: so, you wanna grab a pint of B+ with me after surgery?

marc, glad you're feeling better. take care.

Greg said...

Sneezing is always terrible when you've got any kind of physical injury. Laughing is also kind of bad, I think because it's usually just as involuntary. Sounds like your bed-rest is well underway then, and as you said, you can read and write and generally catch-up on all those things that work gets in the way of. But no Ultimate!

I think I liked your first and second best :)

Pickup lines overheard in the hospital

Well, actually, I am a doctor....


Of course I keep the uniform on when I go off duty! What nurse wouldn't?


Oh my, I can't read the doctor's handwriting here. I'm pretty sure that's 20mg of Viagra though.


Why yes, I can shower with you to help you stay up...right.

Marc said...

Summer - thanks for the smile and the well wishes :)

Greg - haha, either two or three wins it for me. I'll have to re-read those again when it's safe to laugh!